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Camu Camu

ABOUT Camu Camu

This Amazonian superfruit has powerful antioxidant properties and one of the highest vitamin C contents in the world. It counteracts signs of fatigue and stress on the skin, therefore helping to prevent aging. 

Camu camu grows along the rivers of the Amazon rainforest of Peru, Colombia, and Ecuador. Traditionally wild-harvested, it has been used medicinally by indigenous communities for more than 700 years. 

The benefits

Amazonian superfruit with a high vitamin C content



The camu camu used in our formulas comes from the jungle of the Central Amazon of Peru. Our supplier is organic and Fair Trade certified and actively promotes Ethical BioTrade practices; their crops are harvested manually during the rainy season, using techniques that protect and preserve local biodiversity. Our camu camu extract is obtained with an eco-friendly extraction process and using a green, bio-sourced solvent, which is safer for the environment.

Camu camu is an Amazonian superfruit with antiaging action
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