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Winter Hair Care: Don’t Let The Cold Take Its Toll

Have you noticed your hair loses its shine during winter? It’s a direct consequence of the cold and the changes in temperature typical of this time of year.

These months tend to make our skin look more opaque, and even if we can’t immediately see it, the cold also affects the scalp.

If your hair seems weaker, dry and has more frizz than usual, then keep on reading to find out why – and how you can fix it.

  1. In cold weather, your blood vessels will constrict. This means that blood flow (including to the scalp) is restricted and cell turnover slows down.

Consequence: Your hair will look opaque and lose strength. 

  1. Oil production decreases. Your sebaceous glands, which keep your skin lubricated and help in cell turnover, also slow down.

Consequence: Dehydrated and dull hair. It can lead to itching and dandruff.

  1. Humidity and temperature changes. Heating, wearing hats and using your hairdryer more often also impact how your hair looks.

Consequence: More frizz and breakage.

Winter Hair Care Tips

The best way to deal with all these issues is to keep your hair hydrated.

The idea is to counteract the dryness caused by your oil glands being on ‘time out.’ To that end, we recommend using natural products that deeply nurture your hair and scalp and restore the moisture you lack. Our Guaraná Goodness shampoo bar is designed to revitalize your hair and offers extra hydration and shine.

Another great way to up the moisture, especially if you’re dealing with frizzy hair, is to use a nurturing conditioner, like our Unwind leave-in conditioner. It’s made with coconut and babassu oils and will make your hair more manageable, leaving it silky soft without weighing it down.

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