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My Personal Wellness Journey: Why I Founded Wisdom of Qara

Enticed by my country’s ancient shamanic culture I began visiting a healer in my hometown of Lima, Peru. After several energy cleansing sessions with her, in which she also told me about her immersion in the Amazonian jungle, I finally decided to take the plunge for myself. 

I travelled from Lima to Chazuta, a remote town on the banks of the Huallaga river, in the Peruvian Amazonia. There, I stayed with Heriberto, the local shaman, and his family. Instantly I fell in love with their strong belief that plants have the power to heal, with the care and respect they showed for nature, as well as with their awe for all that it can teach us.

An inherited passion

This philosophy resonated deeply with my own appreciation of natural ingredients, particularly their use in skincare, a passion I inherited from my grandfather, founder of beauty company Yanbal. It was while working in Yanbal and researching the original use of organic ingredients that I discovered the special bond between the shamanic universe and the Earth.   

In the Amazonia, Heriberto taught me to walk barefoot in the mud, to ask plants for permission before removing them from the soil for use in healing ceremonies, and to bathe in flowers, naked in the middle of the jungle, letting the petals rest on my skin all night.

It was the first time in a long while that I felt at peace, connected with the world and with myself. Wisdom of Qara is inspired by this genuine love for nature and treasuring of ancestral knowledge. 

Just like Heriberto helped me, shamans have used Amazonian plants to guide others in their search for balance and connection for centuries. My hope is that our rituals will assist you in your own wellness journey, and help you discover what makes you feel you. 


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