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What we talk about when we talk about clean beauty

We know there are some beauty terms that suddenly start coming up everywhere; we see them while we scroll and search online, but we don’t necessarily know what they stand for. Clean beauty is one of those terms, which is why today we want to explain exactly what we mean when we talk about clean beauty, and why using clean beauty products can help you avoid certain skin conditions.

When we identify Wisdom of Qara as a clean beauty brand, what we mean is that we ethically and responsibly develop clean, safe formulas that do not contain any potential skin irritants. All our products are made in Barcelona, Spain, in strict compliance with EU regulations and abiding by the EU’s list of 1,300+ ingredients that are restricted for cosmetic use.

What you won’t find in our products

You can be sure that all our products are free of parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, PEGs, mineral oils, sulfates and silicones. Plus, our formulas are scientifically developed with over 94% natural actives and ingredients.  

We are also 100% vegan, which means none of our products contain any animal by-products or animal derivatives, such as honey, beeswax and allantoin. We are also a cruelty free brand: we stand strongly against animal testing.

Why we avoid parabens and similar substances

Parabens are commonly used in cosmetics as preservatives and stabilizing agents. But beauty products that contain a high concentration of parabens can cause allergic contact dermatitis. This can also happen if you have sensitive skin or are prone to itchiness and irritation.  

That’s why at Qara we choose to avoid traditional preservatives. Instead, we use preservative-like substances (such as magnolia derivatives and glycols, which are organic compounds belonging to the alcohol family) that protect the integrity of our formulas and minimize the possibility of skin reactivity.

In some cases, we manage to avoid conservatives completely, which is why our Amazon Glow face oil and Shaman’s Kiss lip balm are both free of preservatives and preservative-like substances. 

What about the use of fragrances?

According to the Spanish Academy of Dermatology, “fragrances can cause allergic contact dermatitis. Therefore, it is recommended that people with sensitive skin use fragrance free cosmetics. Additionally, some products with fragrances can be photosensitive and cause spots or skin discoloration.”

Keeping this in mind, and since our products have been specifically tested for compatibility with sensitive skin, we try to minimize or avoid the use of fragrances in our formulas. That’s why our Amazon Glow, Secret Calyx and Spiritual Journey are fragrance free. Our Between Dreams cleanser, Shaman’s Kiss lip balm and hair and body care products contain less than 1% natural fragrances.

And where does the environment fit in all this?

Yes, being a clean beauty brand also means, at least here at Qara, that we are environmentally conscious. This is reflected in the responsible choices we make everyday and in the many sustainably-minded decisions we made when developing our brand. An example of this is that we work exclusively with ethical suppliers who are certified by internationally recognized standards of quality and responsibility. For our packaging we also chose the most sustainable option we could find, opting for glass and FSC certified carton.

Most of our natural ingredients and extracts come from the Amazon; therefore, we believe it is our responsibility to give back to this amazingly biodiverse region. That’s why we pledge 1% of our sales to the Amazon Conservation Association, an NGO that has been working for over 20 years to protect the rainforest and empower local communities.

If you want to learn more about our products or sustainability initiatives, feel free to write to us at and we will be happy to share more information. You can also find more details in our FAQ section.

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