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Tips to start September off right

August is coming to a close, which for many of us means going back to our routines and responsibilities, and accepting that Autumn is just around the corner. As the ‘back to school’ season starts, some of us may feel tense, irritable and have a hard time sleeping or concentrating -it’s a common condition known as post-holiday blues.

However hard it might be to go back to ‘real life’ after a long vacation, September can also be the month of new beginnings and second chances. It can be the perfect excuse to pause, reevaluate your priorities and set off again with more clarity about what you need and desire to feel better within yourself and in relation to those around you.

Calmly but surely

Here at Qara we believe in the wisdom of nature, which is why we observe its rhythms and patterns and try to incorporate them into our lives. So, just as Autumn doesn’t arrive in a day, neither should we throw ourselves back into our obligations. It’s best to return to your routine little by little, incorporating one aspect at a time, so you avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Try something new

Spanish coach and author Jacobo Parages often says that, for him, the year starts in September. And he always marks this beginning by developing a new skill: learning to skate, taking guitar lessons, learning a new language… The excitement of throwing himself into something new, of going beyond his limits, helps him face his daily responsibilities with much more energy. 

Create a space for self-care

Imagine an environment in which you feel comfortable, content and at peace. Where you are physically isn't the most important aspect, and it can vary: your bed, your balcony or on a bench under the protecting shadow of a tree. It’s the mental space that you need to focus on. Offer yourself a few minutes to disconnect from the outside and connect with yourself. Feel your breath and use its rhythm to find your inner balance.

We know it can sometimes be hard to find these moments of peace, which is why we suggest incorporating physical wellness rituals, like walking or exercising, that also have a positive impact on your emotional wellbeing. Another great way to do this is to turn your beauty routine into a self-care ritual.

Make the most of those intimate moments; enjoy the weight of the water on your body as you shower and the smell of your shampoo. Give yourself a scalp massage instead of just quickly washing your hair. Maybe light a candle, breath in its natural aroma, and take 10 extra minutes to revitalize your skin with a purifying face mask. This time spent with yourself, going through actions and movements you know well, will naturally become a moment of contemplation.

If you want to find out more about the power of rituals, we invite you to read this article, or visit any section of our Journal, where you will find interviews and stories about wellbeing, skincare and much more.

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