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How to get the most out of your solid shampoo

If you’re already a shampoo bar convert, welcome to the club! But if you still haven't tried solid shampoos, then keep on reading to discover why they’re a super convenient and environment friendly option. Plus, we’ll give you some tips on how to get as many washes as possible from each bar.

Benefits of switching to solid shampoo

1. Our shampoo bars are silicone and sulfate free and they don’t contain parabens or emulsifiers either. Some of these chemicals can cause irritation, particularly if you have sensitive skin or an irritated scalp —which is why we decided to eliminate them from our formulas. 

Instead, we use natural ingredients that are super efficient when it comes to cleansing and nurturing your hair, while also helping it regain its natural balance and avoiding itchiness, dandruff and rashes.  

Guaraná, for example, strengthens your hair and has great antioxidant properties. And white and green clay, which we also use, have a purifying effect and help control oil production of the scalp.

2. They are the most eco-friendly option. Shampoo bars require less water to be produced and don’t come in big plastic packages. Our solid shampoos, in fact, come in FSC certified carton boxes and are made with 99% natural formulas that don’t contain any water polluting elements. 

3. They are the ideal travel buddies. Forget about liquid restrictions when you travel: you can take your shampoo bars with you on the plane hassle free —plus, they take up a lot less space in your luggage. 


Get the most out of your shampoo bars 

To start using your solid shampoo all you have to do is rub the bar with wet hands until foamy and then gently massage your scalp with your fingers. To finish, rinse with plenty of water. Alternatively, you can apply the bar directly on already wet hair, massage and rinse. 

Our shampoos are made to last up to 50 washes. We suggest you follow these tips so you can really get the most washes out of each bar! 

✘ Don’t place the bar under running water as this will make it dissolve faster.

✔ It’s better to rub the bar with wet hands until you start to see foam. 

✘ Never leave the bar under or in water. After each use, make sure you place it somewhere dry and where it won’t accidentally get wet.

✔ We suggest you use a soap dish with good ventilation so the bar stays dry. You can also use a porous surface, like a loofah.

There are also zero-waste shampoo bags in which you can place the bar when it starts to get smaller; this way, you’ll be able to use every last bit of your shampoo. These are also great for travel and storage. 

Are you excited about trying out solid shampoos? If so, take a look at our Miracle Maracuyá shampoo bar, designed for oily hair and/or irritated scalp, and our Guaraná Goodness, which is perfect for normal-to-dry hair that needs a little extra hydration and shine.

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