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Natalia Swarz, author and founder of Hôtel Weekend: “For me, wellbeing is about enjoying each moment and living at a slower pace”

Here at Qara we share the shamanic philosophy that true wellbeing is achieved when we exist in balance with ourselves, our community and our planet.

But we also know there is no single path towards wellbeing: each one of us needs to find our own way there. That’s why we invited author and Hôtel Weekend founder Natalia Swarz to share her personal concept of wellbeing and answer our mini wellness questionaire.

“Wellbeing is about being present, enjoying each moment, spending time with your loved ones and knowing how to live life at a slower pace,” explains Natalia. Her book ‘Barefoot Living’ invites us to do just that: get grounded, both literally and metaphorically, and enjoy life at a more natural rhythm.

Natalia was born and raised in Cali, Colombia, and now lives in Madrid with her family. From there this creative mind works in consulting, art direction and styling, and she runs Hôtel Weekend, her digital platform for travelers who want to explore the world in a more conscious way.

And with that idea of leading a more thoughtful life, here are Natalia’s answers:

A word that describes you


A favorite wellness ritual (or one you would like to try)

Dry brushing is sacred for me. Also, I never miss taking a hot shower before bed.

A habit you’d like to adopt (or abandon)

My cellphone! Ever since my daughter was born I’ve been using it a lot less, but I’d love nothing more than to go back to using it only for calls and little else.

A skincare product you can't live without

I’m a fan of oils, I love them and use them for my face, body and hair.

An essential piece of advice you’ve been given

A beauty tip: first comes the beauty of the soul, then of the stomach (eating well and drinking enough water) and, lastly, physical beauty.

A wish for the future

I imagine a future in a little house in Portugal with my daughter (or more children, hopefully!) running amongst the olive trees. And the is house filled with friends, good food and music.

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