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Exfoliating: everything you need to know

No great skincare ritual is complete without exfoliation. Aside from your daily cleanser, which you should always use before applying the rest of your beauty products, it is highly recommended you use an exfoliating product frequently. Here’s a practical guide to exfoliating, its benefits and how often you should be adding it to your skincare routine.

What it is

Exfoliating is the process of removing dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. This stimulates the regrowth of cells and keeps your skin in balance. It also helps the rest of your skincare products to penetrate the skin. 

Skin renews itself naturally every month or so, but time and external contaminants can delay this renewal process -and that’s when exfoliating comes in.

Types of exfoliation

Different skin types benefit from different products. Although there are also chemical exfoliators, like glycolic acid (AHA), we prefer natural exfoliants made for sensitive skins.

Physical exfoliants: They contain granules or particles and work by generating friction to manually remove dead skin cells. Our Amazonian clay face mask, for example, is made with jojoba beads that have an exfoliating effect.

Enzymatic exfoliants: They are made from natural ingredients like mango and banana. They offer a more delicate type of exfoliation, which is why they are perfect for sensitive skins. Although delicate, they are very efficient in removing dead skin cells and have a brightening effect. Our Between Dreams daily cleanser is a perfect example of an enzymatic exfoliant.


  1. Exfoliating eliminates dead skin cells and helps the skin’s natural renewal process. It also promotes circulation and prevents puffiness.
  1. Exfoliating improves skin texture, tone and overall appearance, leaving it smooth and soft.
  1. Exfoliating helps avoid oil build up and clogged pores, and it reduces breakouts.
  1. Exfoliating prepares the skin to absorb the benefits of the rest of your beauty products.

When should you exfoliate?

It’s great to understand the benefits of exfoliating, but it’s just as important to know when not to do it. Excessive exfoliation can throw your skin off balance and damage its natural protective barrier. 

That’s why the norm is to use exfoliants like scrubs or masks only once or twice a week. On the other hand, more delicate products, like enzymatic cleansers, can be used daily.

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