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Clarissa Egaña, Port de Bras Founder and Creative Director: “Wellness is about achieving a balance that allows me to feel in sync with my body and my mind”

For this new #WeAreQara interview we have the honor of having spoken to Venezuelan designer and entrepreneur Clarissa Egaña. Port de Bras, the athleisure brand Clarissa founded in 2015, has revolutionized the industry thanks to its innovative designs and, most of all, because of its use of eco-friendly and toxin free fabrics.

Clarissa is known to practice what she preaches: in Madrid, where she is based with her family, she trains at the local Tracy Anderson Studio. “For me, wellness is about achieving a balance that allows me to feel in sync with my body and my mind,” explains Clarissa. Staying physically active, dedicating time to her family and working in a creative endeavor through which she is able to generate a positive impact in her community is part of that balance. 

Take a look at her answers to our mini wellness questionnaire:

A word that describes you


A favorite wellness ritual (or one you would like to try)

Aromatherapie and a bubble bath with bath salts.

A habit you’d like to adopt (or abandon)

I would like to practice more grounding and to connect with nature.

A skincare product you can't live without

Qara’s purifying face mask.


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