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Camila Basurco, creative consultant and founder of The Last: “Wellbeing means feeling good about myself”

Camila Basurco is a tireless traveler and lover of artisanal design, especially if it’s made in her native Peru. For almost a decade Camila lived in Milan, where she studied Fashion Business at Istituto Marangoni; she’s also lived in Hong Kong and currently splits her time between Lima and Madrid. 

As a creative consultant Camila works with several brands, but she always has time for her more personal project: The Last. The brand, of which she is the founder and creative director, offers capsule collections of unique and timeless pieces made by artisans from Peru and around the world.

We connected with Camila in between her travels and asked her to answer our mini wellness questionnaire. But our first question was this: What does wellbeing mean to you? “It means feeling good about myself; having the health and energy to get up each day and move forward with my projects,” she says.

A word that describes you


A favorite wellness ritual (or one you would like to try)

“Me time”: a bath, some candles, bath salts and scrubs, a hair and face mask, and journaling. 

A habit you’d like to adopt (or abandon)

I’d like to have healthier eating habits. And to take up daily running.

A skincare product you can't live without

Serum before bed. Sunscreen.

An essential piece of advice you’ve been given

We are what we think. The power of the mind is amazing!

A wish for the future

To learn to love my body and to continue living in the present without worrying so much about the future.

A person or thing you would reincarnate as (and why)

Nobody. I feel happy and blessed with the life I’m living.

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