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Bringing shamanic wisdom into our daily lives  

Bringing shamanic wisdom into our daily lives  

It may seem like shamanism is a practice confined to the remote Amazon rainforest, where the stress of urban life is only a memory and nature thrives unobstructed. But shamanic values are in fact applicable to daily life. 

So what do Amazonian shamans believe and what can they teach us about wellness? In a nutshell, it’s all about balance. Shamans understand the universe as made up of energy: everything in it is alive and, therefore, equally sacred. They also believe there are two planes or worlds: the seen and the unseen; and these two worlds were created in perfect harmony.  

Illness, whether of the body or the spirit, comes when we fall out of balance or get disconnected from nature, ourselves or our communities. Through the use of healing plants and various ceremonies rooted in nature, shamans can help guide you in your journey towards harmony. 

How can we nurture balance ourselves? 

Rediscovering or cultivating that connection with yourself, the environment and your community is possible through daily rituals and exercises in self care and mindfulness. Simply taking time each day to really come into contact with all your senses will help foster your awareness that your body, mind and spirit are an interconnected unit. 

Our reliance on technology can often have the effect of blocking or shutting down our senses, making us numb. A straightforward way to open up space for reflection is to limit your screen time, instead spending those moments focusing on yourself. Nurturing that internal conversation can help activate your intuition, finding your own definition of freedom and happiness.  

Internal balance, though, is not truly possible unless we are also in sync with our environment. Shamans believe that we are connected to everything around us, and that healing occurs when we personally experience our relationship with the universe. This is easier to achieve when you can actually immerse yourself in nature —which research shows can help in reducing stress and anxiety. Yet simply keeping in mind that your daily decisions have an impact outside of yourself, that for every action there is a reaction, you can strengthen your connection to others and to nature.

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