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Almudena Tirado, Communications and PR specialist: “Wellness is when what you think, say and do is all aligned”

“For me, wellness is about peace of mind. It’s when what you think, say and do is all aligned,” says Almudena Tirado. And how does she achieve this inner balance? “I’ve found it through the practice of yoga.”

This philosophy of consistency is especially important in Almudena’s line of work: communication and public relations. Through her namesake PR agency, this Spanish entrepreneur partners with a variety of brands to coordinate events, PR strategies and all sorts of collaborations throughout Europe.

From Madrid to New York and Paris, Almudena has developed an international career working with brands like Saint Laurent, ACNE, Amlul, mint&rose and, of course, Wisdom of Qara. She now splits her time between the Spanish and French capitals, and we caught up with her in Madrid where she answered our mini wellness questionnaire.

A word that describes you


A favorite wellness ritual (or one you would like to try)

My yoga class at Asana Groove with Fernanda de la Puente. I can’t live without it.

A habit you’d like to adopt (or abandon)

I’d like to go off coffee and start running, but I don’t know if it’s in the cards for this year!

A skincare product you can't live without

I love Qara’s Amazon Glow face oil (a thousand likes!).

An essential piece of advice you’ve been given

That it doesn’t matter where life takes you, the important thing is to know where you came from.

A wish for the future

To eat and not gain weight (laughs).

A person or thing you would reincarnate as (and why)

I would love to see Cris again, my best friend from when I was 18. I think about her often, especially during happy times. 

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