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4 days at Inkaterra Reserva Amazónica: My trip highlights

I began 2022 by going back to the Amazonian rainforest, where the Wisdom of Qara adventure began. After a hectic year, in which we finally launched the brand and slowly began growing, I was excited to reconnect with the original inspiration for Qara: the Amazon and all its wisdom and natural beauty. 

I stayed at Inkaterra Reserva Amazónica in Madre de Dios, near Puerto Maldonado. These luxury eco-lodges are located at the heart of a 40.000 acre private natural reserve and are accessible only from the river.

Read on for my trip highlights!

Disconnect to reconnect

There’s no cell signal in the lodges, which meant 4 blissful days of looking up towards the trees instead of down towards my screen. Without the distraction of the digital world, I could embrace the exuberance around me: the myriad sounds of nature, the smell of the rain, the changing colors of the sky and the flow of the river.

The power of plants

I’m fascinated by the properties of Amazonian plants, so I was thrilled to explore the hundreds of varieties in the Jardín Amazónico, a garden planted by locals about a decade ago, and learn how native plants have been used for centuries in everything from medicine to garment making.

Canopy Walkway

Although there are many excursions available as part of the Inkaterra experience, and they are all breathtaking, one of my favorites was the Canopy Walkway: a path of hanging bridges suspended 40 meters above the ground. The views were spectacular and unforgettable.

canopy amazon

Climate Positive

The group that runs the lodges recently became the first hotel chain in the world to receive a Climate Positive recognition from the United Nations’ Green Initiative. This means they've not only offset their total carbon emissions, but have actually exceeded that amount. In fact, since 1975 the group has steadily advanced biodiversity research and conservation in Peru and restored thousands of acres of land. These are the sorts of projects and initiatives I’m proud to see thriving in my country, and I was happy to experience their success first hand.

view from room 

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